A Day as a Pest Control Technician

When most people imagine a Pest Control technician, they picture a uniformed employee with a bug spray can.  However, even though eliminating bugs is our duty, other factors play a part as well.  To show everyone what a Pest Control Technician really goes through, we followed two of our technicians.  One residential technician, and one commercial technician.

Our technicians arrive bright and early to prepare for the day ahead of them.  This process begins with a checklist.  First, our technicians pick up their schedule.  Once they have taken a look to make sure everything is correct and in order, they head out to their vehicle.  Before our technicians can leave to their appointments, they must make sure they have the right tools for the day.  Once they have the correct amount of supplies, they check their vehicles for any issues.  Then, if all is a go, the technician will leave to their first appointment.

Commercial Pest Control Technician

Commercial Pest Control

To the right you will see one of our commercial pest control technicians, his name is Eric.  Eric is known as CPM 3 and has been in the industry for 2 years.  His appointments for this particular day consisted of regular pest services, Bed Bug treatments, Rodent services, and Roach treatments.  However, there’s no telling what could be thrown at him during the day.

During the day, our pest control technicians, as well as other specified service technicians, take emergency pest control calls.  Just as Eric was starting his day, what we call a “Bee call”, came in.  Eric was called out to take care of a Bee honeycomb removal job for a meter box.

Tucson Pest Control

Pest Control Glue Trap

When servicing one of the commercial properties, our technician came across a few glue traps with several different pests on it.  This is a property that we just recently began servicing and it’s reasons like this that our industry is so important to our environment.  This particular commercial property provided food services.

If it weren’t for the great products we use to protect our properties from pests like these, we’d be in trouble.  This glue trap is a great example of reasons commercial properties, especially restaurants, should have a regular pest control service.

Pest Control Technician

Residential Pest Control

Being a commercial technician can be rough.  However, residential technicians deal with similar difficulties.  To find out more about the residential side of Pest Control, we followed John.  He is a residential technician here at Essential and has been in the industry for 30 years.  John is known as RPC 3.

His appointments of the day were all regular pest services, but then he was called to take on a much bigger task. The risks of being a technician are quite real. When it comes to stinging pests, no one handles it better than a pest control professional. John was asked to handle a Bee situation at a residential home. This customer was startled when they were out in their backyard and came across a swarm of Bees.

Pest Control Technician

Bees forming Honeycomb

To the right you will see a photo of Bees creating honeycomb.  This particular comb development was taking place outside the bedroom window of a 2 story home.  However, bugs fear the blue, and John would prove just that.  After an hour of honeycomb removal, John was happy to share with the client that the Bees had been removed.  Servicing such a job can be quite the task.

Essential chooses the most fit individuals for our industry.  It is people like John and Eric that we are so proud to have working with us. If you have a pest problem, feel free to call us and we’ll handle all of your Termite, Pest, Weed, Bee problems and more!

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