Pest Control Tucson | 10 Tips for Termite Protection

Termite Protection Tips

It’s a lot easier to and generally more cost effective to prevent termite infestations than it is to get rid of them once they’ve been established, so we’re giving you 10 Termite Protection Tips that we hope will help you. There is a range of activities that one can take to protect their home from termites. The majority of these tips are simple DIY tips that any home or business owner can complete themselves, but we’ve mixed in a couple of professional services for termite prevention as well!

  • Keep wood stored away from your structure
    • Firewood, debri, mulch, dead trees, etc can attract termites
    • If possible, keep firewood and debris raised off of the ground, as that makes it harder for termites to reach it.
  • Ventilate & Cover Crawlspaces & Attics
    • Proper ventilation and coverings prevents moisture and humidity from congregating and attracting termites.
  • Keep shrubs and foliage trimmed away from house
    • Keeping foliage trimmed can help hinder termites access to your structure.
  • Fix leaking faucets, pipes, and roofs
    • The moisture that accumulates in this areas will attract termites and other pests!
  • Grade soil and landscaping
    • Taking these measures prevent moisture from running toward foundation, which weakens wood, causes cracks in cement, and attracts pests.
  • Seal cracks and holes in foundation and siding
    • Holes and cracks allow pests to sneak into structures. It’s also not a bad idea to put fine screening over attic vents to keep certain pests at bay.
  • Keep wooden structures away from the soil, when possible
    • As mentioned above, termites are going to be attracted to wood that touches the ground. Using concrete supports or treated lumber in construction would be a great preventative measure.
  • Clean gutters and and waterlines regularly
    • The pooling water attracts pests, and not just termites.
  • Check for signs of termites periodically
    • Self inspection or having a professional consultation, check out our ‘Signs of Termites in Your Home’ blog for more info on how to spot termites and damage!
  • Use pest services to protect your home
    • Implement Spray or Bait tactics to repel and kill termites who may come in contact or monitor for signs of termite activity

These termite protection tips are not surefire ways to keep termites from invading a structure, and sometimes even the best preventative efforts fall short. That’s where a pest control service comes in. Check out our termite services for additional info on how we can help you keep your home protected! For more termite protection tips you can also give us a call at 520-886-3029 with questions or to make an appointment for a FREE termite inspection.

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