Pest Problems and the Importance of Professional Pest Control Help

Professional Pest Control Help

Pests can be a nightmare for any homeowner. Whether they’re small nuisances or dangerous predators, if you have any sort of infestation on your property, you should act quickly.

Having one or two nests full of bees on your property can cause serious problems for you and your entire family, especially if anyone has any sting allergies. Unfortunately, bees hives and yellow jacket nests aren’t known for being easy to move.

So how can you safely perform bee removal? Is professional pest control help your answer?

Contact an Exterminator

According to 9News, rather than using pesticides or other harmful products to fight pests on your own, contacting professional exterminators is your best bet to rid your home of these unwanted insects.

“I can usually trans-locate or move the nest somewhere where they’re not going to be irritating people,” said Kristina Williams, entomologist. She added that rather than killing off bees, moving them allows them to continue pollinating wildflowers and improving the ecosystem.

Williams’ approach is simple enough: “bat them down to the ground and pin them against the ground.” Once they’re on the ground, Williams adds, “then I can get them.”

Another form of pests, although not as harmful and potentially dangerous, can be one of the most annoying bugs around.

Bed bugs can bring stress to any homeowner. As News Las Vegas reports, a Nevada pest worker gets about five to 10 calls each day about beg bugs. The bed bug issue isn’t confined to only certain areas, either. Wholly 99.6% of pest professionals have addressed a bed bug-related issue during the last year.

The top three places where bed bugs are most often found are apartments and condominiums at 95%, single-family homes at 93%, and motels and hotels at 75%. Once you identify that you do, in fact, have an issue with bed bugs, it’s recommended that you act as quickly as possible and get professional help.

Although it is possible to eradicate a bed bug infestation within 24 hours, it’s highly unlikely that the job will be finished that soon. You should have a backup plan for shelter for at least two days for any pest removal project.

If you’re in the Tucson area and wish to learn more about pest control services like termination, bee removal, and pest prevention, contact Essential Pest Control today!

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