Pest Proofing Tips

Time for some Spring cleaning!  Stop those pests dead in their tracks before they take over.  Check out this list of awesome pest proofing tips to keep pests out of your home!

cb Housekeeping:Brent
Take out the trash regularly
Wipe down counters and sweep floors
Vacuum once a week
Keep food containers sealed

cb Fix It Up:
Keep wood away from your house
Screen windows and vents
Replace weather stripping
Seal cracks and crevices
Repair any leaking pipes

cb Be On The Look Out:
Keep an eye out for Termite damage
Fill holes with steel wool
Prevent standing water

Have you found activity during this pest protection process?  Consult a licensed professional today.  Essential is always there to answer your call.  Whether it’s to ask questions about pests or receive a courtesy inspection, you can count on us!

Did you know having a regular pest control service can help reduce Asthma attacks?  It’s true, and it all starts with pest proofing tips and the help of a pest control professional!

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