Pigeon Prevention

It’s peak season for Pigeon mating!  Although mating occurs all year long, it hits a high point during the Spring and Fall seasons.

Pigeon Control


Pigeons rely on humans to provide food and places to nest.  Preventing nesting by this pest can be done by eliminating areas for them to rest.  However, Pigeon droppings are known for triggering slips and falls, as well as damage to structures.

Unfortunately for anyone having a Pigeon issue, other pests may live on these birds.  This includes, but is not limited to, Fleas, Ticks, and Lice.  Diseases are also spread by this nuisance pest.

alert 5 ways diseases are spread by Pigeons to humans:

1. Inhalation of feces
2. Contaminated food or water
3. Direct contact of fecal matter
4. One on one contact with a Pigeon
5. Live diseases from another environment

So what can be done?  Pigeon problems can be overwhelming and you will need the assistance of a professional for achieve full Pigeon prevention.  You may think simply shooting them with a pellet gun maybe reasonable, however the City of Tucson will impose fines and possible criminal actions against you.

Usually a two step process is necessary.  The first is to trap the birds to reduce the population to a controllable level.  The second is to put up physical deterrents or barriers to prevent nesting or roosting.  Often much care in design or customization of deterrents is necessary to be effective and to maintain the esthetics of a property.

If you are experiencing a problem with Pigeons, call Essential today for a courtesy inspection.

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