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Pocket Gopher


Pocket GopherThe Pocket Gopher measures 5 to 14 inches.  Its color can range from black to light brown to even white.  They have a set of two fur-lined pouches outside of its mouth that are used to carry food.


The Pocket Gopher is extremely adapted to under ground living.  The gopher digs networks of tunnels under lawns and gardens.  They can be identified by the horseshoe shaped mounds they create when pushing dirt from the tunnels.  They are most active in the spring and fall when temperatures are right.  Females will have up to 2 litters of 4 pups per year.


Baiting Gopher Mound

There are multiple methods to control these pests.  One way is with the use of smoke cartridges.  The cartridges release a deadly gas into the burrow systems.  Another method is the use of baits.  A bait material is injected into the tunnels for the gophers to eat.

Fun Fact:

Pocket Gophers can have tunnels that extend over 100 feet.