Prevent an Ant Infestation This Summer

If there’s one sight every homeowner has learned to dread, it’s the ant. These small but persistent critters are one of the most irritating pests in the world, and they are particularly troublesome in the summer. As the weather gets hotter, ants are more likely to march into your home and get into your food. If you don’t want to deal with these unwelcome pests this summer, follow these simple tips to reduce your risk of an ant infestation:


Don’t give ants a reason to come in.

Ants are attracted to the smell of food, which means that spilled soda, potato chip crumbs, and even dried cat food left in dishes can result in an ant invasion. The solution? Keep your house as clean as possible. Wash and put away dishes promptly, take out the trash regularly, and keep food safely stored in sealed containers or the refrigerator. The more spotless your household is, the less friendly it will be to ants.


Make sure ants don’t have easy access.

Ants are more likely to come into your building if they can find an easy way to get inside. Look for cracks in your walls and have them sealed tightly, and make sure your doors and windows don’t have any inviting gaps. Also, watch out for tree branches near your house—they can provide ants with a convenient way to get close to your home.


Keep an eye on ants’ favorite hangouts.

When ants get into most homes, they tend to head for the same places. Popular haunts for these pests include kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms with little traffic such as attics and basements. Ants may also hang out near HVAC units, which provide them with a source of moisture. Check these areas throughout the summer, and if you notice any ants inside your home, call a pest control company you trust right away.


Are you dealing with an ant problem? Essential Pest Control can provide you with the safe and professional pest management services you need to rid your home of these unwanted intruders. We are proud to provide top-of-the-line pest control services to Tucson, Marana, Green Valley, and other nearby areas. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation, call (520) 908-6251 today

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