How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control

Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have made a comeback in recent years as widespread and pervasive pests.  While you cannot control whether you may encounter Bed Bugs during your everyday life, there are ways you can prevent bringing Bed Bugs home with you.

If you do suspect your home may have Bed Bugs, contact your Tucson pest control service immediately for a Bed Bug inspection and Bed Bug treatment.


Check Secondhand Furniture

Buying secondhand furniture reduces waste and can add personality and charm to your home.  However, secondhand furniture can also add Bed Bugs to your home if not inspected beforehand.  Prior to bringing any secondhand item into your home, check it thoroughly for signs of Bed Bugs or other pests.  If you aren’t sure whether a piece you’ve bought is affected, your pest control expert can give it a professional Bed Bug inspection.

Protect Your Luggage

There are a few ways you can prevent Bed Bugs from entering your suitcase when you are away from home.  When you enter a hotel room, place your suitcase on the provided luggage stand—avoid laying it on the floor or the bed, where Bed Bugs could get inside.  Alternatively, you can bring a large plastic garbage bag in which to store your suitcase when it’s not in use.  When you arrive home, vacuum your suitcase and store it an outdoor area, such as your garage.

Maintain Regular Pest Control

Bed Bug infestations can start small and persist for a long time before they become noticeable.  Thus, one of the best ways to prevent an infestation from becoming a larger issue is to have your home inspected regularly for pests.  Maintaining regular pest control ensures that a trained professional will check over your home periodically to catch signs of trouble before you may notice them.

Do you have questions about Bed Bug control or any other type of pest control in Tucson? Contact Essential Pest Control today online or by calling (520) 886-3029 to find out how we can help you address and prevent pest problems in your home or business.

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