Preventing Pack Rats from Entering Your Home

Preventing Pack Rats

Preventing Pack RatsAlthough pack rats are not venomous and they do not bite, they do create a big problem in homes throughout Southern Arizona. Pack rats can chew through anything from the wires in your car to the parts of your air conditioner. Use the following tips for preventing pack rats from making a big mess in your home.

Keep It Lit

Pack rats are nocturnal and are attracted to dark places. If you want to dissuade them from entering your property, you should try to keep it as open and as lit as possible. You might want to keep a small light on at night in your carport or your garage so they do not bother your car while you sleep.

Clear Clutter

These pests like to hide out in cluttered spaces during the day, which is why it is important to clear out debris to keep them from disturbing your property. You should not leave piles of boxes, stacks of books, or any other debris on the floor or you might create the ideal hiding spot for pack rats. It is also important to rake up any leaves and seed pods.

Call for Help

If you notice any rat pellets or chewed belongings, or hear noises on your ceiling at night, you might already have a problem with pack rats. Call a local pest control company to come to your home to get rid of the rats. It is important to hire professionals to do the job because typical rat poison will not get rid of pack rats. The professionals must completely get rid of the nests to ensure that they will not return.

Whether you have pack rats or termites, the professionals at Essential Pest Control are here to help you rid your home of these unwanted visitors. As one of the top pest control companies in Tucson, we can come to your home and help you say goodbye to these pests for good. To schedule an appointment, call (520) 886-3029.

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