Removing Your Bee Problems

Let’s be honest. Bees are pretty cool.

They’re a huge part of how plants germinate in many parts of the world, including our own Tucson, Arizona. Most of those plants are pretty, and a lot of them are important to the food supply we humans rely on. Bees also have a fascinating social and communication structure that’s good for at least a few interesting conversations.

And let’s not forget about honey.

All that being true, a hive of bees on your own personal property is never something you want to happen by accident. Stings to pets, children and yourself can be painful and are a life-threatening emergency for people with bee sting allergies. Between the pain and danger of stings, and the resilient nature of bee hives, getting rid of a bee nest is a job for the professionals.

Removing Your Bee Problems

Our team will come out and go to war with the bees using our proprietary process and professional tools in three vital steps of bee control:

  • Step One: Locating the Hive – This may seem easy, but is rarely simple. Bees are small, so a hive might be only a few inches thick buy many feet long. Structural walls are a favorite for many species. Our experts will find the hive quickly, and use specialized techniques and equipment to access the hive with a minimum of damage to your home.
  • Step Two: Gassing the Bees – Beekeepers use smoke to sedate bees while they collect honey, because they want the bees alive in the morning to make more. Amateurs use noxious, dangerous pesticides to kill bees in their nests. We come in and use the safest chemicals possible to take out the bees before they can sting us, or you.
  • Step Three: Removing the Nest – At best, an empty nest will rot in place. This leads to unpleasant odors and possible rot or other structural damage to wherever the hive was located. At worst, it can attract more bees or other pests you’ll have to call somebody in to dispose of later. We assess the best final home for the hive’s inhabitants and materials, remove them from where they are, and take them to where they need to go.

Those three steps seem simple enough, but it’s not about understanding the basics of bee removal. It’s about having the experience and tools to do it right the first time, and to do it with as little collateral damage as possible. Bee removal isn’t something you want to have to do over, and repairing the consequences of your attempts is never a good time.

Essential Pest Control has highly-trained, well-equipped staff ready on demand to remove your bee hive or help deal with any other infestation by insects, rodents or other pests. Call today for an estimate about how we can improve your quality of life.

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