When bugs try to move indoors, we give them the boot!

It happens every year; the weather gets too hot or too cold and the bugs start moving in. When this happens, it’s time to call the pros!

ID Giant Centipede 2Residents of Arizona that have lived in the desert climate for any amount of time know that desert specific bugs are tough. These bugs are built for a challenging climate and as such have learned coping skills that make it difficult to manage them. Keeping bugs at bay requires professional help.

One of the keys to managing pests effectively is first controlling their movement outdoors. For example, by eradicating a pest problem outdoors there is far less chance that they will migrate to any indoor environment. From Scorpions to Pack Rats and Ants, there is a specific strategy that works best with regard to managing these troublesome invaders. Essential Pest Management provides custom programs that are designed to get pests under control. From eliminating Bed Bugs to reducing flying insect infestation, Essential Pest Management has a program that works.

Control Desert Specific Bugs With Great Accuracy

power pest logoIn addition, Essential Pest Management has a unique and highly effective system known as the Power Pest Program. This program is intended to control desert specific bugs with great accuracy and great success. Due to the customizations made for a customer’s unique pest control situation, the results are remarkable. The system looks at such variables as existing desert pressure, home location, and the construction material used in the home. Essential also considers the property’s physical features. This program has the primary goal of eliminating pests outdoors, so they are not present indoors.

The Power Pest service is a crucial program for Businesses that rely on a pest free environment

Brent 2

Essential Pest Management has extensive experience in commercial pest control methods. In order to maintain customer confidence, Essential knows that each business is unique and different. Therefore, whether you need residential or commercial services, we focus on the specific needs of the property.

Essential knows the pest control business so that you don’t have to. Contact us today and begin the journey to a completely bug free environment, both at home and in your business.

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