Roly Poly Olies!

Roly Polys, the most famous bug for turning into a ball when you hold them. But did you know they are actually called Pillbugs? The common name Roly Poly comes from their ability to roll into a tight ball.

ID-Pill-Bug-2So why do they roll into a tight ball? For protection. Pillbugs have oval bodies and rarely reach over 3/4 of an inch in size. They are a combination of hardened overlapping plates, as well as seven pairs of legs. This species is know worldwide. The prefer moist locations and can be found under objects on damp ground. They can also become pests of young plants. Though Pillbugs are most active at night, they may even bury themselves several inches into soil. Pillbugs are most commonly confused with Sowbugs. The most distinctive difference between the two is that Sowbugs can’t roll into a tight ball.

Pillbugs feed on dying plants. Although they become inactive during Winter, they may stay active in heated buildings, such as greenhouses. However, this pest can be controlled. It is best advised to contact your local pest control company for help and guidance.

Research credit to the Handbook Of Pest Control Mallis Tenth Edition.

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