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Rover AntThe Rover Ant is very small.  They measure up to 1/12 inch.  They have 9 segmented antennae and relatively large eyes.  They range from black to brown in color.  Rover Ant alates are often found floating in pools in the summer months.


Rover Ants will typically nest underneath stones and leaf litter.  They are often found trailing up mesquite trees.  They feed on tree sap, plant nectar, and other sweet liquids.  Rover Ants are not aggressive but show up in large numbers in homes.  These ants are most active in the spring and summer seasons.


Baiting for Ants

Controlling Rover Ants is challenging.  Landscape mulch should be less than 2 inches thick and at least 10-12 inches from the foundation.  Direct insecticide applications to the nest sites are the most effective means of control.  When the nest cannot be located, gel baits and specialized insecticides are used.

Fun Fact:

Rover Ants were introduced to southern Arizona around 2003.