Safe Pest Control for Pets

Flea Control

Cat Itching Flea

Looking for ways to protect your pets from pests?  Here are just a few tips.

1. Check your pets frequently for Fleas.
2. Avoid taking your pet to places with low-growing vegetation.
3. Give your pet a bath after playing with another animal.
4. Wash your pets bedding.
5. Vacuum regularly.

These are just some guidelines to follow when it comes to protecting your pets.  If you suspect there may be a problem, contact a professional immediately.

Fleas and Ticks are not coming to mess around with.  Fleas are not just an itchy pest.  Fleas can cause anemia, dermatitis, and even transfer Tapeworms.  On the other end of the fence, Ticks are just as bad.  Female Ticks can cause Tick Paralysis.  This is caused by a female Tick attaching itself near a pets spinal cord.  Tick Paralysis causes muscle weakness, loss of coordination, and in some cases, death.  The death of a pet from Tick Paralysis is caused due to respiratory failure as their chest muscles become paralyzed.

If you are having a Flea or Tick problem and would like help from a licensed professional that offesr safe pest control, call Essential today.

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