Scorpion Control and Prevention

Scorpion Control and Prevention

ScorpionScorpions are one of the oldest known terrestrial pests.  Unfortunately for us, Scorpions are more common in the desert Southwest region of the United States.

Most Scorpions are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night.  However, this does not mean that you will not see them during the day.  Some Scorpions can be found during the day in harborage areas where it is cool and moist.  These locations can be under rocks, inside walls, wood, tree bark, vegetation, or in burrows.

Although most of their species can survive several months without food or water, it’s always good to eliminate their food source.  Scorpions are great climbers and you may find them on walls and other higher places than ground level.

Scorpion control can be quite the task.  Although this task may be difficult, it is not impossible.  The reason Scorpions are so hard to kill is due to their exoskeleton.  Their exoskeleton is the barrier on the outside of their body.  This layer acts as protection against pesticides, making it harder to kill them.  However, laying down granules can help reduce and eventually eliminate Scorpion activity.  The application of pesticides will help reduce the appearance of Scorpions due to other pests being a food source to Scorpions.

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