Scorpion Control – Can I do more?

Residents of Tucson and the surrounding areas understand that Scorpions are a major pest problem. It helps explain why there are so many pest control companies in Tucson. However, even with a regular pest control service, an occasional Scorpion can still show up in the house.

Scorpions Tucson Arizona Pest ControlScorpions naturally present several challenges to the pest control operator. One of the hardest difficulties to overcome is the Scorpion’s cuticle (or skin) on their exoskeleton is more durable than most insects. This requires a higher dose of insecticide material to kill the Scorpion.

A quality pest control service will address this issue and others by focusing on a variety of application techniques including wider chemical barriers, concentration on entry points, use of multiple chemical products, treatment of perceived harborage areas, reduction of food source (small insects) and a variety of other treatment methods. These techniques will reduce the likelihood of scorpions entering the home, however an occasional scorpion can still be found dead or dying in the home.

The reality is that the most effective scorpion control program is a partnership between the homeowner and the pest control applicator. There are two critical areas homeowner’s can work on to help eliminate scorpions. These two areas are smart landscaping and physical exclusion.

Smart landscaping reduces harborages that Scorpions and their prey use for shelter. Reduce any clutter and never store belongings or wood against the house. Minimize landscape debris such as leaves or other organic materials. Scorpions have an amazing ability to climb, trim back any trees, bushes or vines that are contacting the structure. This also includes trimming or shaving palm frond stems a favorite harborage area of Scorpions.

Physical exclusion is sealing or repairing potential entry points into the home. Doors are a very easy way for Scorpions to gain access into the home. Check doors and make sure they are tight fitting. A simple rule is to shut the door during the day and see if any light is coming in around the door. If there is any light coming through, a scorpion can squeeze through. This also includes windows and vents. In addition, cracks, crevices, gaps, and voids must be sealed off with caulking and fine screening to limit any other potential areas of entry. This includes the gap next to the drip screed under the stucco (the gap between the stucco wall and the stem wall). Although sealing this area is a benefit, never plug the drainage holes because of purpose they serve. Also, vents such as the dryer vent should never be screened off.

Physical exclusion is extremely effective against Scorpions but it usually requires attention to detail, a large amount of materials and several hours of labor to complete. For these reasons, Essential Pest Management does offer exclusion services. We can inspect the property, make recommendations, and provide service proposal. Let us utilize our experience and knowledge to eliminate Scorpions from entering your home. Call our office at 886-3029 to set up a free inspection.

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