Termite Baiting with the Sentricon System

Termite baiting with the Sentricon System is the most advance Termite baiting system on the market. It works by taking advantage of the continuous foraging behavior of Termites and targets their biology. Bait stations containing the new Always Active Recruit HD bait material are placed around the structure. When Termites consume the material it is transferred throughout the colony and within a short period of time Termites are eliminated.

Termite Baiting product demonstration by Chad Andrews & Dr. Phil Koehler. Time elapsed to illustrate termite feeding preference for the Sentricon’s new Recruit HD over the standard yellow pine. What does it mean for you? Product works better, Termites die faster!

Termite Baiting

Subterranean Termite

Termite Baiting with Sentricon System

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