Signs that Pack Rats Have Moved into Your Yard

At first blush, you might consider pack rats to be a cute animals. But after it’s inflicted costly damage on your property and possessions, you’ll probably think twice about this initial assessment. Pack rats are incredibly destructive rodents, and they’re tricky to get rid of on your own. Call a pest management company if you notice any of the following signs of a pack rat infestation.

Vehicle Damage

Some of the most costly damage that pack rats inflict is done on vehicles. Cars are enticing nesting areas for pack rats because they offer shelter from predators. Many drivers in Arizona have spent thousands of dollars to repair vehicles ruined by pack rats. The nocturnal animals can move in under the hood and chew through wires. In addition to the damaged wiring, you might notice attempts to build a nest. Pack rats will use brush along with anything else they can get their paws on to construct their nests.

Landscape Damage

All rodents like to chew, and pack rats are no exception. A pack rat colony can chew up your landscaping, using plants and other landscaping features as food or nesting material. Pack rats are attracted to leaves, fruits, nuts, bark, cactus, and small bulbs. If you notice damage to your landscaping, look for the presence of small fecal pellets in the area. If you see any, you probably have pack rats.

Attic Damage

Although pack rats like to nest in protected areas outdoors, they may decide to move from your yard to your attic. You may hear scurrying sounds from the attic late at night. If you go up to the attic, you may see or smell the nest.

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