Signs That Termites Have Invaded Your Yard

If there’s one insect that spells trouble for any homeowner, it’s termites. This small but troublesome creature can eat its way through your yard and home, ruining anything made of wood and leaving you with an expensive repair bill. That’s why it’s so important to watch for any signs that the pests have moved into your yard. Here are some telltale signs of termites’ presence:

You see termite tubes.

Termites build small tubes out of soil between their nesting areas and the food sources they have found. These tubes are usually easy to spot, and they are a sure sign that termites are nearby. If you find termite tubes near your home, it suggests that the pests may soon be invading your household. This is one sign you should always take seriously.

You find termite droppings.

Like other insects, termites leave their droppings wherever they go, so you’re likely to find termite droppings—also known as frass—near any infestation. Unlike other animal droppings, termite droppings are a fine, powder-like substance that is easily mistaken for dust. If you find material that looks like dark dust scattered near tubes, it’s a definite sign that you have a termite presence in your yard.

You hear the termites.

Most people think of termites as quiet animals, but the truth is that they can make quite a lot of noise. When you have an infestation on your property, you’re likely to hear the termites make clicking sounds as they move about. They also make noise as they chew on wood. If you hear unexplained noises in your walls or near your home, it could mean that you have some unexpected—and unwanted—visitors.

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