Spring Time Pests

Spring is when many different pests become very active.  Different types of insects and arachnids can be found around the house and sometimes inside.  Many pests are starting new life cycles and may not be noticed until the late summer months.

Signs of spring begin to reveal themselves as early as the first day of February.  The winter rains cause annual weeds and grasses to start sprouting throughout the desert floor.  Daytime temperatures average in the 70s and 80s with cool nights in the 40s and 50s.  These temperatures help spawn a dramatic influx in pest activity.  Select ant species will release thousands of reproductive winged ants to mate and produce new colonies.  Occasional invaders such as crickets and earwigs begin to lay eggs.  Scorpions and spiders become very active and forage for the many different insects that are now abundant.  Scorpions are also giving birth to live young and carrying them on their back for the first 30 days of their lives.  As spring melts into summer, our desert pests continue to flourish.

Essential believes that spring is a great time of year to “nip it in the bud” and prevent pest problems.  Our Power Pest Control program is designed to keep pests out of your home by focusing on areas outside where pests enter, live, and feed.  This “powerful” approach is used to combat 14 different pest species.  These pests include ants, scorpions, spiders and more.  Some important parts of the Power Pest service include a thorough perimeter treatment, crack and crevice dusting, and yard granulation.  The Power Pest program offers a great value and protection for a low cost.

Essential also offers another solution to homeowners who have a very low tolerance to pests in their living space.  Our Desert Exclusion program uses various materials to seal possible entry points around a home.  First, one of inspectors will draw a diagram of the home and identify cracks, crevices, gaps, and voids that need to addressed.  Then our Desert Exclusion team will go to work.  Some areas that are sealed include the stucco trim, gaps around doors and windows, and roof ventilation.  This program offers long-term protection against our desert invaders.

We hope you enjoy the beautiful weather of spring in southern Arizona, despite the increase in insect activity.

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