Staying Pest Free with a Cleaner Environment

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Dirty Dishes in a Messy Apartment

A Cleaner Home Means Less Bugs

Nobody enjoys having bugs in their home and that is why it is so important to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness in order to deter bug infestation. It is a simple equation, yet it is highly effective. The greater levels of cleanliness found in a home, the less chances of bug infestation. A clean home greatly reduces the likelihood of pests being able to breed and live in abundance. A spotless home combined with effective pest management ensures a pest free home.

All Food Should Be Stored In Re-Sealable Bags

Other effective ways of keeping a home free of pests and bugs includes carefully storing food in a smart and effective way. For example, open boxes of food and open bags of food that are not completely sealed can be the perfect attractor for bugs and insects. All food should be stored in re-sealable bags or plastic type containers to ensure that pests do not have access to a food source. Consuming older food first and removing stale food that has expired can also serve to maintain a clean home environment where pests are not welcome.

Pest Control Company

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Well Rinsed And Cleaned

Another important example of how to keep pests out of your home is to carefully store recyclables. For example, recyclables should be stored outside and as far away from your home as possible. Equally important with regard to recyclables is to make certain that all items are well rinsed and cleaned prior to being put in a recycle bin. Always recap bottles and other containers with their original caps to ensure that pests do not have access to contents. Recycle containers should be cleaned frequently as well.

Clean And Free Of Debris

Finally, another great way of reducing the likelihood of pest infestation is to keep drains, sinks and similar areas clean and free of debris. These areas are known to attract bugs and pests. In fact, they are an ideal breeding area for a number of insects including small flies. Inspect tubs, drains, sinks and laundry room floor drains regularly to ensure that these areas are clean and free of debris. It is also advisable to have regular inspections by an experienced and knowledgeable pest management company. Having a cleaner environment is just one step to solve pest control problems. Contact Essential Pest Management today for a wide variety of Tucson pest management services.

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