Strangers Help 75-Year-Old Woman Who Battled Bed Bugs for More Than a Year

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No matter where you are in the world, if your home is infested with bed bugs, you’re not going to be getting very much sleep. Bed bugs are a nuisance for any homeowner or renter, and they should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Wholly 99.6% of all pest professionals have treated at least one case of bed bugs in the past year, which is much higher compared to the last few decades.

One 75-year-old woman, unfortunately, found her home infested with these unwanted pests, and after exhausting herself trying every home bed bug remedy trick in the book, the kindness of strangers is what ultimately saved her home.

According to the Miami Herald, Clara Hunter noticed a bed bug problem more than a year ago. She couldn’t sleep and tried tirelessly to rid her home of these pests but couldn’t find an effective solution.

“You can see them coming up from out of the mattress,” Hunter said. “I wake up and I’m itching all over. They get in bed with you and they bite… Every night.”

She thoroughly cleaned her house numerous times, covered every inch of her home with bug repellent, and even threw out her furniture, including her bedding.

After a few strangers read a story about Hunter in the Telegraph, though, they decided to lend a hand and help her out once and for all.

“We want to help her out,” said Billy Sheffield, who responded to Hunter’s article. “You don’t want anybody to have to live like that. I told her, ‘Don’t you worry about it, you’re gonna sleep good tonight.'”

Sheffield and his team used their pest control knowledge and used a strong chemical spray and hot steam to fill Hunter’s home. They worked for two days and helped Hunter replace all her old furniture and now she enjoys a much nicer sleep each night, in a new bed, pest free.

It’s not every day that when you’re in need of major bed bug removal service that local strangers perform pest control duties for you, but it’s great that people have that much kindness in their hearts. The Telegraph’s article was part of an ongoing series that highlights local residents who are in need of assistance around the holidays, and Sheffield and his team responded in a big way.

If you’re in need of bed bug control assistance, you are much better off contacting experienced professionals who can fully rid your home of any unwanted bugs. Contact Essential Pest Control today and get back to living comfortably.

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