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Striped Scorpion

Striped Scorpion

Striped Scorpion


The Striped Scorpion is yellowish-tan.  It can grow to be 2 ¼ inches in length.  The body of this scorpion is sprinkled with straight hairs and there are light stripes on the tail.


Striped Scorpions prefer to live under rocks or wood piles.  This scorpion uses its strong pinchers and sting when attacking its prey.  Striped Scorpions are not considered a deadly scorpion, but they do have a painful sting.


Commonly Found in Desert

Scorpions can be better managed with improved sanitation around a property.  Some examples include cleaning up piles of leaves, wood, or other cellulose debris around the foundation of the home.  Exclusion is also very important, so doors need to be tight fitting. Pest control applications include granulating the yard, dusting entry points, and a thorough perimeter treatment.  This application will also reduce the scorpions food source, other insects.

Fun Fact:

The Striped Scorpion is also known as the Devil Back Scorpion.