The Summer Battle Against Fleas and Ticks Begin

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Many news stations, including Fox, warn that the mild winter across the region heightens risks from ticks. Kat McIntyre, of the FMA Animal Hospital, said the mild winter helped contribute to a 200% increase in the tick population. She also said, that over the last three years, the tick population has grown by 500%. Ticks and fleas are known as pest hitchhikers and they cause a great deal of stress for pet owners across the country. They can be a huge nuisance once in the home, and pose as real health dangers for your pet and your family. Because of this, Americans spend about $9 billion a year controlling fleas alone. Flea and tick infestations can be difficult to eliminate, so calling a reputable pest control company is in your best interest.

If you find that your pet has fleas or ticks, first and foremost, call your vet. You can never be 100% positive how long your furry loved one has had the flea or tick problem and their health and safety is number one on the priority list. It is critical that pets be treated at the same time as the home so that neither causes re-infestation. The importance of pest control is paramount and should not be attempted alone. Fleas are known to be survivors and can adapt easily. They also have a long life cycle and can lay up to 20 eggs at a time. A thorough inspection is needed so that the pest control company can determine the size and seriousness of the infestation as well as the best plan of action moving forward.

Once you have decided what pest control services are needed the company will usually give you a list of home preparation needed prior to their visit. You will need to mop and vacuum the entire home and even the furniture (under cushions, etc). Ticks and fleas can both lay eggs indoors so a rigorous cleaning will assist the pest control company greatly in the elimination of these pests! It is also beneficial to wash all linens and pet beds. You should wash and dry any bedding at the hottest temperature you can, or the easier option, discarding pet beds, blankets, or other possible contaminated fabrics. When the pest experts arrive you, your family, and your pets should be out of the house.

Most vets recommend a daily tick and flea check during the summer for your pets. The sooner you identify the problem, the better. If you find that there is a tick or flea problem with your pet look for a reputable pest control company that provides an action plan both inside and outside the house. Many companies provide prevention services that eliminate the pest threat outside of the home before pest infestation becomes a problem inside. As summer rapidly approaches look online for local pest control companies with favorable reviews and who can provide a personalized service specifically tailored to your home, your pets, and your pest control needs.

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