Summer Pest Control Services

IMG_3480Bring on the heat!  Summer is approaching and pests are becoming more active.  During this time of year, pests tend to come out from hiding.  Our Summers start out with extreme temperatures and end with Monsoon rains.  It is this combination of heat and moisture that makes our region an insect paradise.

During the Summer months, there are several pests to keep an eye out for.  Bees, Wasp, and Scorpions are just a few serious pests to be aware of.  If you are experiencing a problem with any of these, don’t hesitate to call a professional as these are stinging pests.  However, although stinging pests are more active, there are still plenty of other pests to look out for.

Crickets also show up in large numbers.  This insect will hide in structural cracks and crevices during the day and spend the night making loud chirping sounds.  Crickets also serve as a great food source for Scorpions and Spiders. Having a regular pest control service will help eliminate these pests once and for all.

If you’re looking to get rid of bugs this Summer, you should look into Essential’s Power Pest Program.  This is a pest control program that ackles a variety of insects such as Ants, Spiders, Scorpions, Wasps, and much more.  Keep your Summer pest free by investing in this great Summer pest control deal!

Find out more about the Power Pest program here.

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