Five Persistent Pests of the Fall Season


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Five persistent pests of the fall season

You are probably excited for the fall season and the cooler weather that comes with it. Well, along with the cooler temps comes the pests. We’ve listed 5 of the pests that will potentially pay you a visit this season.


Bed Bugs:

One of the most difficult to control, bed bugs infest at a rapid rate and have been on the rise in recent years. About the size of an apple seed, bed bugs are nocturnal in nature and are typically found in mattresses, suitcases, boxes and shoes. While bed bugs are not known to spread any diseases, they can leave behind itchy welts on their victims and multiply quickly. If you suspect that you might have bed bugs, call a pest professional immediately.


Rodents like mice and rats are common fall intruders. These rodents, like many creatures thrive on food and shelter. To prevent rodents from entering the home,  keep all food sealed in airtight containers and seal cracks around the foundation of the home. Even the smallest crack provides easy access for mice since they can squeeze through holes the size of a nickel. Keep in mind, rodents can bring fleas, mites, ticks and lice into the home.


Various types of ants are typically found in and around the home during the fall. Although most species of ants are considered a nuisance, odorous house ants can contaminate food and carpenter ants can damage the structure of a home. To prevent an ant infestation, seal all cracks in and around the home, eliminate sources of standing water and keep food sealed in tight containers. Additionally, keeping tree branches cut back from the home also prevents ants from marching inside.


While most think cockroaches are just a frightening nuisance, it’s important to know that cockroaches have an ability to spread 33 different types of bacteria and cause asthma in children, making them one of the most dangerous pests on our list. They typically hide near pipes and drains, so it is important to keep kitchens and bathrooms sanitized. Vacuuming frequently will also help prevent cockroach infestations.

Lady Beetles and Boxelder Bugs:

Lady Beetles and Boxelder bugs are two of fall’s most active pests, yet they are rarely discussed. These beetles feed on small pests like Aphids and White Flies and Boxelder Bugs feed on fallen seeds and trees and live on rocks, trees and buildings. Although these pests are considered a nuisance, they have the potential to stain clothing, curtains and other fabrics with their droppings and emit a strong odor if crushed. Vacuum often and seal cracks around the home to prevent them from entering the home. Damaged screens on doors and windows should also be repaired or replaced.

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Facts about the Feared Tarantula | Pest Control Tucson

Facts about the Feared Tarantula

Although tarantulas are big hairy and scary to some, being some of the larger species of spider. These spiders are actually harmless to humans, besides a painful bite. Their venom is mild and is weaker than a honey bee’s. These spiders have also become popular pets.

Tarantulas periodically shed their external skeletons in a process called molting. In the process, they also replace internal organs, such as female genitalia and stomach lining, and even regrow lost appendages.

There are hundreds of tarantula species found in most of the world’s tropical, subtropical, and arid regions. They vary in color and behavior according to their specific environments. Generally, however, tarantulas are burrowers that live in the ground.

These Spiders don’t mess around when it comes to getting food. They hunt for it and seem to have a real zest for it. They will wait patiently and ambush what comes along. This can be insects that are seasonal. They can also kill animals larger than them such as rodents, lizards, and birds.

When they inject the venom these larger prey don’t always die quickly. However, within a few hours they will suffocate. That is a result of the tiny hairs from this Spider affecting them internally. It will cause them to have an inflammation that cuts of their airways.

Tarantulas have few natural enemies, but parasitic pepsis wasps are a formidable exception. Such a wasp will paralyze a tarantula with its sting and lay its eggs on the spider’s body. When the eggs hatch, wasp larvae gorge themselves on the still living tarantula.


The age of maturity can really differ for the various species of the Tarantula out there. When this occurs they will mate but then they typically die less than a year later. It may be 1 year, 5, years, or even 10 years of age before they are ready to mate though. It is very different from other species of Spiders.

The males have to get close enough to females in order for them to decide if mating will occur not. He may have to calm her with dancing or food in order to get her to submit. When she does he will place sperm onto an area for her to insert into her body.

The amount of eggs that a female can create ranges up to 2,000 of them. When she has a sack of young she will become very aggressive. This is when she will fight for her survival as well as theirs. This is also a more common time for humans to get bitten by one of these Spiders.

She is dedicated to seeing her eggs thrive. These females have also been noted to turn the sacks of eggs during the incubation period. Experts believe that this has to do with them getting a fair chance of developing properly.

Even though they may be a scary sight, they are an ally to pest control in Tucson. If you can stand having dwell in your front yard, they can help fight off all other unwanted pests.

Gophers & Squirrels – The Rarely Mentioned Pest

Gophers & Squirrels – The Rarely Mentioned Pest . Rodent Control – Pest Control Tucson

Gophers and squirrels – The rarely mentioned pest, but a pest none the less.

Pocket gophers are rodents with a thick body ranging five to seven inches long with a short thinly haired tail, wide head with very small eyes and ears. Gophers have strong clawed front feet which are perfect for digging. They have external, fur-lined cheek pouches or “pockets” that they use to transport food. This is what gives them their distinctive name.


Pocket gophers damage plants by consuming the roots. Garden plants and small trees can be easily pulled up exposing damaged roots or almost complete absence of roots. They have also been known to completely kill small trees and shrubs and can cause extensive damage to flower or vegetable gardens. Pocket gophers also gnaw on and damage underground cables and irrigation systems.


The three common squirrels in the Arizona-Sonoran Desert are the rock squirrel, the round-tailed ground squirrel, and Harris’ antelope ground squirrel. These three species of squirrels occasionally become pests in and around buildings.

When ground squirrels are present in large numbers they can cause structural damage by burrowing under patios, stairs, retention walls, or foundations. They may also invade garages, walls and attics. They will consume flower bulbs, seeds, or seedlings as well as bird seed, grass seed, and pet food that is not stored in rodent-proof storage containers.

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Ants-The Takeover!

Ants – The Takeover!

With more than 12,000 known ant species around the world, ants are sure to make their mark in the deserts of Arizona. Housing over 300 known species, Arizona has the highest diversity of ants in the United States.

Ants look a lot like termites, and the two are often confused—especially by nervous homeowners. However, ants have a narrow pedicel or “waist” between the abdomen and thorax, which termites do not. Along with a fit waist ants have large heads, elbowed antennae, and powerful jaws.

Forelius Pruinosus, a cousin to the Argentine ant, are one of the most commonly encountered ants in Tucson. They are small orange or yellow ants which seem to run frantically while foraging. They form long trails of rapidly-running workers, often traveling everywhere for food. These ants are found with trails leading up into trees and can easily find their way into your home. When ants find their way into your kitchen, they won’t just eat food, but they’ll contaminate it too!

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