AZ Brown Spider

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow




The Tarantula is a large spider that is covered with hair.  The male is dark brown while the females are tan.  Their bodies are 2 ½ inches and their legs can be up to 4 inches in length.  They have 8 eyes and 2 fangs.


Tarantulas are passive hunters.  They wait close to their burrows to ambush passing insects.  Tarantulas live in underground burrows.  These burrows can be in the open or underneath a landscape timber or rock.  The holes can be easily identified by the thick web that has been spun over the opening.  Tarantulas are active at night.


Tarantula Burrow


The Tarantula is viewed as a beneficial organism because it feeds on pest insects such as the cricket or cockroach.  This spider rarely ventures inside a home.  Reducing the amount of insects around a building with our pest control programs is an effective way to manage this spider.

Fun Fact:

Male Tarantulas will travel great distances in search of a female mate.