Termite Baiting System and Termite Damage

Termite Control

Termite Inspection Being Performed

With Termites causing more destruction than fires, floods, and other natural disasters, the importance of protecting your home increases.  Unfortunately, homeowners insurance does not cover these damages.

Your best defense when it comes to Termite control is to take preventative steps before any occurrence of Termites.  However, not everyone is an expert at spotting Termites or figuring out what treatment is right for their home.  This is when a pest control professional should be called upon to step in and take the reigns.  Homeowners should have a Termite inspection once a year for their property.  Having this inspection performed by a licensed professional is an even bigger deal.

Finding the right Termite treatment for your home is crucial when protecting your property against Termites.  The Sentricon always active Termite baiting system is a highly effective choice.  This baiting system defeats Termites before they strike.



Termite Bait

Termite Bait Damage

Here’s How It Works:

Green stations are tactfully placed around the perimeter of a structure.  Inside these stations is the always active recruit HD bait.  When Termites approach the structure, they will first come in contact with the Termite bait.  In return, the Termites will take the bait back to their colony and eliminate the colony all together.

In the picture to the right you will see a bait station that Termites have already fed upon.  These Termite bait stations are checked and replaced regularly to ensure quality control.

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