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Termites Feeding upon Termite Bait

Termites are the most destructive insect in the world.  In the United States they do billions of dollars in damage.  In nature, Termites serve as housekeepers of the desert, consuming and breaking down dead decaying wood.

In the urban environment, Termites feed on the wood in the home including lumber, drywall paper, cardboard, furniture, or any cellulose material.  Structures are an ideal food source for these insects.  In addition, many home irrigation systems serve as a much needed moisture source for Termites.

Typical evidence of Termite activity is identified by the mud shelter tubes that Termites build.  These tubes are used as roadways into the structure for Termites to forage on the wood and return to the soil where they live.  Shelter tubes can typically be found on the exterior stem wall, interior drywall, or drop down from the ceiling.  Upon discovery of Termite activity, a Termite treatment should be done in order to protect the home.

Once a Termite treatment has been performed, Termite prevention is the next step.  One of the greatest ways to prevent Termites is to use the Sentricon Always Active Baiting System.  This system is placed tactfully around the perimeter of a structure.  Once these Termite bait stations are placed into the ground, the Termites will feed upon the bait and the colony will die off.


The purpose of this Termite baiting solution is for Termites to feed upon the bait before reaching a structure.  Bait stations are checked and replaced regularly to ensure complete prevention of Termite damage to a structure.

If you are experiencing a problem with Termite activity, call a pest control professional immediately to have a Termite treatment.  Don’t forget to have your property checked for Termites annually!

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