Termite Season in Tucson

In our industry we see termites all year long in all different types of homes. So is there really a season for termites? Yes and No! Not the answer you wanted to hear, right? Unfortunately we have optimal weather conditions that make it easy for termites to be active all year long. There is a common saying in our industry “there are two types of homes in Tucson, those that have termites and those that will have termites”. So it’s not if, it is when.

The reason we say there is a “Termite season,” is due to termite mating habits when starting a new colony. Don’t worry we are kid friendly and we will keep it PG! Have you ever wondered how a new colony is formed? During certain times of the year, usually during warm and humid temperatures, the queen will produce alates or (swarming termites). Alates break away from their happy home in search of finding their true love to form a new colony.

When they find each other depending on the termite species they will burrow into the ground or wood material and begin to reproduce. Good news for homeowners less than 1% of swarming termites actually survive. The survivors immediately start to reproduce new termites. Imagine what happens next, the new termites find a nice eatery (your home). Termites will feed on all cellulose based material, wood, cardboard, paper, drywall and much more.

Don’t get me wrong they use their destructive nature for some good. Termites are cryptic social insects that play an important role in many ecosystems. They decompose wood and other cellulose-based materials, physically redistribute soil materials modifying soil profiles, and recycle organic matter and nutrients. Bad news, termites cause billions of dollars of damage each year and most cases your homeowners insurance will not cover the damage made by Termites.

When dealing with Termites it is better to know if you have them and to be proactive when treating them. Unlike other common pest like spider, crickets and ants, termites cause structural damage and termite damage can cost a pretty penny to repair. If you think you have a termite problem call our office to schedule a courtesy Termite inspection.

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