Termites and Monsoon Season

Termite Control Tucson

Monsoon season in Tucson, AZ

Pest Control in Tucson, AZ can be quite difficult at times.  With optimal weather conditions year round for Termites, the rain during monsoon season just adds to these challenges.  Finding a solution for Termite Control in Tucson, AZ as a homeowner can be a hardship.

Fortunately, Essential Pest Management can take over the reigns and provide quality service while eliminating any Termite problems you may be experiencing.

Typical evidence of Termite activity is identified by the mud shelter tubes that Termites build.  These tubes are used as roadways into the structure for Termites to forage on the wood and return to the soil where they live.

Shelter tubes typically can be found on the exterior stem wall, interior drywall, or drop down from the ceiling.  Upon discovery of Termite activity a Termite treatment will need to be done in order to protect the home.

Termites and Monsoon Season

There are two types of properties in our region.  Those that have Termites, and those that are going to have Termites.  Treatment for Termites will depend upon the construction of the home and personal preferences of the homeowner.  There are two treatment options; a conventional liquid treatment or a Termite baiting system.

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