Termites and Water

Termites and Water

It’s that time of year again!  There is no doubt Tucson’s monsoon season is underway.  We know how to protect ourselves from this rainy weather, but what can you do to protect your home from those awful pests it brings? Termites in a shelter tube

So what bug are we expecting to rule out most this stormy season?  You guessed it, termites!  With cloudy rainy days, comes cooler weather.  Unfortunately for us, termites feed on these conditions.  These clear beige colored critters love moisture.  It keeps their nests just damp enough to keep their bodies from drying out.  Once they’ve accomplished this, they take small bites from wood for food and use the discarded leftovers for their homes.

When it comes to termite prevention, there are many ways to protect your living space.  Some of these preventative actions are:

Make sure to seal cracks and holes around your home. This will provide less   exposure for the termites to create their tunnels.

Store excess wood away from your home. Termites LOVE wood. termite tube

Eliminate standing water in and around your home. Termites need moisture to survive.

Since termites cause structural damage it is recommended to have annual termite inspections. 

Always be proactive, not reactive when dealing with termites.

If you think you have termites, call Essential to schedule a courtesy termite inspection 520-886-3029.  Don’t let termites chew on your home!

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