Termites Tucson, AZ

Termites Tucson

Subterranean Termites

The most destructive insect in the world is Termites. Unfortunately, this particular pest is well known to our Southern Arizona climate.

It is very important to get a Termite inspection once a year and look into Termite treatment options.

Treating for Termites can be handled two ways. The first way is the application of a liquid chemical treatment.

This treatment is performed by applying a barrier of liquid termiticide around a property. This liquid Termite treatment is meant to kill Termites that come in contact with the barrier.

The second way is by installing a Termite baiting system. The Sentricon Always Active baiting system is the most advanced Termite baiting system on the market. This system is designed to eliminate an entire colony of Termites. When Termites feed on the bait, it is then transferred throughout the rest of the colony. In just a short amount of time, the colony is eliminated and a liquid barrier becomes unnecessary.

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