Terrorizing Crazy Ants

Crazy Ants get their name due to their actions.  They were given the name “Crazy Ants” because they run around when searching for food.  Crazy Ants feed on other insects, seeds, and fruit.  These Ants are known as worker Ants.  Although this particular Ant is small, it has long legs and their antennae are fairly long.  Crazy Ants are dark brown to black in color.

Ant Control

Crazy Ant

These Ants are known around the world.  However, they are most common along the Gulf Coast of the United States.  Although they are also found in places like California, New York, and even Hawaii.

Colonies of Crazy Ants contain between 1,000 to 2,000 workers.  On the other hand, they can have up to 40 queens.

These colonies may sometimes completely desert their nest and move to another site.  Their nesting sites may be found in dry or wet habitats.

However, indoors these Ants will form their nest in wall voids, under carpeting, and potted plants.  Crazy Ants like to nest behind thick vegetation and rotten wood.

Controlling Crazy Ants starts with inspecting for harborage sites, food sources, and moisture conditions.  Eliminating other insects that provide protein or honeydew is another great way to controlling this pest.  Ant bait in liquid, gel, or granular form is very effective when treating for Crazy Ants.  If the colony is easily found, it can be treated directly with a dust or liquid treatment.

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