The Myth of Daddy Long Legs

HolocnemusHarvestman, most commonly known as Daddy Long Legs, can be a nuisance.  However, these long legged spiders are actually harmless and beneficial.

This pest is dark brown with long legs. Hence, “Daddy Long Legs”.  Their body length can grow up to 1/2 of an inch in length.  On the other hand, their legs can span up to around 2 inches.  The body of Daddy Long Legs are closely held together.  Their bodies are lifted off the ground as they walk.

Daddy Long Legs can not bite or sting, nor do they possess venom.  Unfortunately that does not stop them from being bothersome.  Daddy Long Legs are often found in large groups near water.  These spiders are usually found near moisture due to their need of water on a daily basis.  Although these Daddy Long Legs like moisture, they are also attracted to structures.

Control of these spiders involve eliminating harborage sites.  Removing piles of lumber, firewood, or yard debris will reduce the amount of infestation. A treatment on the exterior with an insecticide is an effective way to keep this pest from entering a structure.

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