Tips for Preventing a Pack Rat Infestation


Tips for Preventing a Pack Rat Infestation

Pack rats may look cute with their big ears, but they are still persistent and troublesome pests. Unfortunately, pack rats are a particularly irritating problem during the colder months. As the temperature starts to fall, these rodents start looking for warm buildings to move into—and that often means your home! Here are some tips for keeping pack rats from taking up residence in your building:

Look for possible entry points.

Rodents can’t get into your building unless there’s an opening to the outside. That means you should check for gaps, cracks, and crevices where a pack rat might squeeze through, and have them sealed up. If you block off all possible entry points, it will be much harder for pack rats and other unwanted visitors to make their way into your home.

Check your yard for rodents.

Before rodents try to get into your home, they usually make a home in your yard. That’s why you should be sure to inspect your entire outdoor area for any warning signs of pack rats. Make sure that bushes, trees, and other plants are not touching your home. If you have an outdoor shed, be sure to check it frequently for rodent damage.

Keep your home clean.

Like other pests, rodents tend to be attracted to places where there is food for them to eat. That means you should keep your home as free as possible of anything that might give pests a reason to be there. Don’t leave unwashed dishes sitting in the sink, don’t leave food out on the countertop, and clean up spills right away. The cleaner you keep your home, the less likely it is that you’ll have to call for professional pest control services.

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