To Squish or Not to Squish

Stepping on bugsThinking of stomping on a bug but not sure if you should?  What makes you want to stomp on it?  Well, you may want to re-consider your decision.

Although a lot of us feel threatened by the pests that enter our homes and businesses, some of them may not be so harmful.  Take Tarantulas for example.  Tarantulas have a reputation of being scary and dangerous.  However, it is quite the opposite.  This specific spider happens to be great to have around.  You see, Scorpions eat several different bugs.  Tarantulas happen to kill those other bugs, therefore keeping Scorpions away.

It’s pests like these that we should try to keep around.  However, if the bug is squish worthy, have at it!  After all, it’s better than having gum on your shoe, right?

To prevent bugs from entering your property, sealing of cracks around doors, windows, chimneys, and other openings is necessary.  Having a regular pest control service will also help keep theses pests out.  Essential offers a program called “Power Pest”.  This program is designed to properly and effectively stop pests from invading your space.  Looking to find out more about this program?  Click here!

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