Treating for Termites and Termite Prevention

Free Termite InspectionWith Termites causing more damage than fire, floods, and and other natural disasters, Termites threat to wood-based structures is of high priority.  This is especially true in Arizona, as both Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites tend to be more active in warmer climates.  As a homeowner, the key to preventing Termite damage is by learning how to recognize the warning signs of an infestation.

Your best defense when it comes to Termite control is to take preventative steps before any occurrence of Termites.  Essential is licensed, insured, and holds an excellent record with the Office of Pest Management.  When it comes to Termite control and Termite prevention, Essential uses only the latest technology to document the discoveries of Termite activity.

Treating for Termites and Termite Prevention

Treatment of Termites will depend upon the construction of a structure and personal preferences of the property owner.  There are two treatment options; a conventional liquid treatment or a Termite baiting system.  To help a property owner form such an executive decision, a Termite inspection must be completed.

Termite ControlAnother step when preventing Termite activity is to keep conducive conditions under control.  In the photo to the right you will see a house with a corner covered by vines.  This is a conducive condition for Termites to begin their activity, as well as other pests to become a nuisance entering your home.

Termite inspections should be performed annually to keep Termite infestation and Termite prevention under control.

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