Tucson Commercial Bee Removal

Tucson Commercial Bee Removal

Bees can be a problem in any environment, but pose the additional risk of lawsuits when they’re on or next to commercial property. Stung customers, neighbors and passersby might have life-threatening allergies, and come after you for damages with even a minor sting. Tucson’s bee-friendly climate is no help with this, so your best bet is calling a professional to remove the nest before it can threaten your business.

Since you’re not a bee removal expert, it can be hard to tell the difference between a solid, professional bee removal specialist in Tucson and an unqualified waste of time and money. Here’s our list of traits to look for when you need bees removed from your commercial space.

Are There Signs of Bee Colonization?

Some unscrupulous bee removers will “go through the motions” of pest control whether or not you have a colony on the premises — you thinking you do is enough for them. Before you call, check for the following indicators. While the exterminator makes his first call, watch for him to point out one or more of the same signs. Missing those tricks (or not thinking to share the information with you) can be a telltale sign of an amateurish or dishonest operation.

The signs:

  • Direct bee flight to and from an entrance. This can be no more than three or four bees in a minute, but is regular and in straight lines.
  • Dead bees under a light left on at night. Bees are attracted to the light like other insects, and will exhaust themselves and fall.
  • An unusual number of bees hovering over standing water on your property.
  • Large numbers of bees on soda, fruit juice, jam and other easy sources of sugar.

How Do They Calm The Colony?

Just showing up and immediately spraying a nest’s entrance with poison will enrage a hive and put the bees on high alert, which endangers everybody in the area and makes effective bee removal less likely on the first try. Professionals will spend an hour or more using smoke and other techniques to calm the bees. Once the nest is calmed, only then will they proceed with eradication or removal.

What Credentials Do They Hold?

Confirm the exterminator has all required licenses and certifications both for your state and for local pest control industry. With bees, it’s also always best to go with a licensed beekeeper. This is especially important if you want the bees removed instead of eradicated.

Do They Guarantee Their Work?

An important consideration for residential and commercial pest control of all kinds, and one offered by all reputable and honest pest control specialists. For commercial bee removal, it’s also important to see about their insurance or bond status. If they fail to remove the bee nest and somebody gets stung, who’s responsible for any resulting lawsuit? Ask that question directly, and have the company verify their answer before you agree to do business.

With the wealth of information available online, you could try to do this yourself…but the risk isn’t just to you. It’s to your employees, customers and potentially the lifeblood of your business. Instead, call us at Essential Pest Control today for your free estimate.

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