Comparing Types of Stinging Insects in Arizona

Paper Wasp

Types of Stinging Insects in Arizona

Arizona is home to a variety of colorful insects. In nature, these insects are part of a large, interconnected ecosystem and each plays a very important role in maintaining that system. But when insects start moving into your home, the only role they play is that of the intruder. It’s important to contact a pest control company in Tucson to rid your home of unwanted insects and to prevent future pest problems, especially those known to sting. Contact Essential Pest Management if you notice any of these following stinging insects.

Honey Bees

Although honey bees themselves don’t pose much risk, Africanized Killer Bees pose a very serious threat to humans and pets. An individual sting from a single “Killer Bee” doesn’t hurt more than any other bee sting, but the aggressive nature of the species can result in overwhelming attacks by the entire colony. There are cases where thousands of Killer Bees have ascended on people and animals that died as a result of the collective stings.

Carpenter Bees

These bees certainly do sting, but they are not nearly as aggressive or dangerous as African Killer Bees. What makes Carpenter Bees such a threat is that this species can cause considerable damage to wooden structures. Carpenter Bees bore holes and tunnels in exposed wood in order to lay eggs. If left untreated, Carpenter Bees can eventually cause wood structures to become seriously eroded and require expensive repairs.

Tarantula Hawk Wasp

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp might not kill you, and it definitely won’t destroy your home, but you want to avoid this stinging insect at all costs unless you enjoy serious pain. According to the Schmidt sting pain index (a pain scale rating of the relative pain caused by different stinging insects developed by a Justin Schmidt at the University of Arizona), the sting of a Tarantula Hawk Wasp is a 4.0 on the pain index. This is the highest rating on the scale, and is described as “a 20,000 volt power line just dropped on your sweaty arm.”

Essential Pest Management can handle all your pest problems, including problems with stinging insects. Our pest control experts provide fast response and guarantee the full removal of bees, wasps, and other stinging insects from your home or business. Call us at (520) 886-3029 to schedule pest control in Tucson.

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