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Velvet Ant


Velvet AntThe Velvet Ant is actually a solitary wingless wasp.  They measure up to 1 inch in length.  Velvet Ants are covered in colorful fuzzy hairs.  Their color ranges from yellow, brown, red, and black.


Velvet Ants nest in the ground.  They prefer pastures and fields with sandy soil.  Food sources include nectar and water.  The immature stages are parasites to bees, wasps, and ants that nest in the ground.  The adults are not aggressive; however they possess a very painful sting if handled.  In fact, there is no possible way to hold a velvet ant with two fingers without its long stinger penetrating the skin.


Velvet Ant Burrowing

There is no major control technique for the Velvet Ant because of their solitary nature.  A pest control program will help reduce the likelihood of finding a velvet ant around the home.

Fun Fact:

The Velvet Ant is also known as the “cow killer” because they can sting a cow’s throat if accidentally eaten.  The throat will swell shut and cow will die.