Venomous Pest Control Tucson

Venomous Pest Control Tucson

It’s springtime in Tucson, and many folks’ minds are turning to thoughts of wilderness or trail hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing in nature all around and through our city. It’s one of the things that makes Tucson such a great home for people from all over the country. Any desert native (or informed transplant) knows to take care for the tarantulas and scorpions that love the hot rocks and desert sun.

That isn’t terribly hard, all things considered. You just need to follow a few basic safety steps:

  • Wear high boots and long pants while hiking anywhere scorpions and tarantulas might be
  • Use a walking stick to tap the ground in front of you. Both critters will sense the vibration well before you reach where they are
  • Never reach someplace that you can’t see, including while climbing
  • Shake out any clothing you put down before putting it back on
  • Look before sitting down, leaning against a tree, or leaning your hand against something
  • Check any bags before putting them in your car

But sometimes these creepy crawlies come inside your home instead of you hiking into theirs. This feels like turnabout being fair play, but can mean real danger to your family. Here are some tips for keeping your home and property scorpion and tarantula free as the weather warms.

  • Keep wood, leaf piles and similar debris away from the sides of your house. Scorpions and tarantulas like the close, shaded environment in places like that, and might move into your house from there.
  • Find holes or cracks in your walls and foundation through which either critter might crawl. Fill them with caulk or concrete. Fill even ones that seem too thin: arachnids can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces.
  • Remove clutter inside your home, since both venomous biters like to hang out inside piles of indoor clutter just like they like to spend time in wood and leaf piles.
  • Seal your food bags and bins. Scorpions and spiders feed on smaller bugs, many of which are attracted to open containers of food. Similarly, keep trash in closed and locking cans.
  • Caulk around your windows and doors. They can crawl through even those openings if left unblocked.

If the problem persists, you can apply treatment granules and/or spray to the walls and baseboards of your interior, and the ground around the sides of your house. These will kill or repel spiders and scorpions and in most cases stop the infestation.

Sometimes these steps aren’t enough, especially if your house is near the edge of Tucson and closer to the wilder parts of the county. If you have a serious scorpion problem, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll come out, find the source of the problem, and clear away the poisonous critters before they can endanger you, your family, or your pets.

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