Weed Control Solutions

It’s that time of year when Weeds are everywhere. Weeds are popping up in the front, back and side of  yards. Not only are they unsightly, it also takes a chunk of time out of your day to pull them. Are you tired of pulling weeds? Would you rather skip the yard work and spend quality time with your family? What could you be spending your time doing, if you did not have to do yard work?

Pre-emergent Application in Yard

Pre-emergent Application in Yard

Get your time back and consider a Weed management program! Weed Control Programs can eliminate seedlings from growing and kill any existing Weeds that have popped up in your yard. Including hard to control plants in the Tucson region like Puncture Vine, Spurge, Russian Thistle, London Rocket and Bermuda Grass.

Pre-Emergent stops seeds from germinating and can control 70 % of Weed growth, if you combined it with Post Emergent you can get 100% Control! We can’t tell you how to spend your extra time but we can kill your Weeds! Have questions or would like to schedule a Weed control service? Call our office at 520-886-3029 and remember Weeds Fear the Blue!


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