Weed Control Tucson

Weed Control Tucson

Weed Control Tucson VideoA great deal of time, effort and investment is made in the creation of beautiful yards, lawns and associated areas around homes in Tucson. These areas, however, are under constant bombardment from unwanted weed seedlings blowing in or being carried in by birds or animals. This is cause from the desert environment which is a natural part of a plant’s reproductive process. Weeds can be hard to control, and weed control service begins with proper knowledge for how to get rid of weeds.

This natural occurrence, unfortunately, causes a host of unsightly weeds to sprout in yards, gardens, sidewalk cracks and other areas. As a result, property owners end up spending a significant amount of time and effort pulling and removing weeds instead of relaxing and enjoying the views of their properties. A great deal of time and annoyance can be saved by utilizing professional weed control through Essential Pest Control.

Essential provides a weed control service that kills existing weeds and prohibits any remaining seedlings from growing with weed control services. Our weed control program eliminates hard to control weeds such as Puncturevine, Spurge, Russian Thistle, London Rocket and Bermuda Grass.

Weed Control Tucosn

Pre-emergent Application

Essential Weed Control Services:

weed control check Weed Control Pre-emergent – stops existing seeds from germinating

weed control check Weed Control Post-emergent – kills weeds, both existing and visible

weed control check Soil Sterilants – stops all weed growth for an extended period (commercial sites)

weed control check Pre-paving – applied under asphalt for professional weed control service

Essential Weed Control Program and Weed Control Services

Essential’s weed control program is achieved by our professional weed services performed by our exterminators using a pre-emergence herbicide that is designed to stop weeds from germinating, thus eliminating future weed growth. Afterwards, a post-emergence herbicide is applied to kill existing weeds in the yard. During these processes, we use a temporary blue dye indicator which allows us to ensure that the entire weed control service area is properly covered. Finally, we schedule a recurring weed control service regiment which maintains the chemical barriers and eliminates any sporadic weed growth from occurring in the future. The recurring service regiment for weed control service is determined by the property type, location, weed pressure, and client expectations.