What Causes Termites in Your Home?

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 What causes Termites

The thought of Termites strikes fear into every homeowner’s heart — and for good reason. Termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year, and even a small infestation can completely destroy your home in a short amount of time. Pest control professionals have reported Termites in every state except Alaska. Even the White House and Statue of Liberty have had Termite problems in recent years. But what causes infestation in the first place? By learning about the causes of Termites, you may be able to keep these destructive pests out of your Tucson home.


Excessive Moisture

Termites are attracted to areas where moisture accumulates in and around your home. This is why they are often found in damp basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and inside leaky foundation walls. Tucson pest control professionals recommend using electric fans and dehumidifiers in areas that usually draw moisture and where there is stagnant water present.

Foliage and Wood Mulch

Untreated trees, plants, and foliage around your home may attract Termites. Wood mulch is also attractive to Termites. Keep foliage and wood mulch at least 28 inches from your home’s foundation to make it harder for termites and other destructive pests to enter your home. And if you use mulch around your home’s foundation, use mulch that is less likely to attract Termites, such as rubber mulch or treated cedar.

Foundation-Soil Contact

If any portion of your home is in direct contact with the soil or plant material in your yard, you may be inviting termites into your home. Subterranean Termites are the most destructive insect in the world, so do everything you can to protect your home from termites. At the very least, you should be making it harder for termites to enter your home, not easier. Your Tucson pest control provider can provide a termite inspection and tell you how safe your home is from Termites.

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