What do Subterranean Termites look like?

Termite Control


What do Subterranean Termites look like?

Subterranean Termites are the most common and disastrous Termite species in the United States. Recognizing the damage that Termites cause with early detection can help save property owners money.

These particular Termites attack the softer wood and leave the hard wood intact. This gives it the look of honeycomb. However, these wood destroying insects cause more damage than any natural disaster. It is because of this that having a Termite inspection once a year is so important, especially in our climate. Even if you are not seeing Termite activity, it is still important to have an inspection to be sure. Having a pest control professional inspect your property for Termites is the best way to go. Termites are often unseen because they are so small and can cause lots of damage to a structure.

Termite Control

Being proactive is the best way to handle Termites. First and foremost, a Termite inspection should be performed by a pest control professional. If your property has Termites, immediate treatment is the best choice. If there is no sign of Termites, then a preventative treatment should be done. When considering your options for Termite control it is important to find the right fit for your home or business. Essential Pest Management offers two options for Termite treatment.

One option is to have a liquid Termite treatment. This is a liquid barrier that is injected into the ground around the perimeter of a structure. This treatment kills Termites that come in contact with the barrier.

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The second option is through Termite baiting. The Sentricon system is the most advanced Termite baiting system on the market. The Termites that come in contact with the bait feed upon it and take it back to their colony. The bait is then transferred to the other Termites within that colony eventually eliminating the entire colony itself.

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