What is a Carpet Beetle?

Having a pest problem inside your home?  Perhaps in a carpeted area?  You may be dealing with Carpet Beetles. These bugs are small, round insects that are usually less than 1/4 of an inch in length. The larvae are covered with bristles and vary in size depending on species.  Depending on the type of Carpet Beetle, adults are a solid black while others can be spotted in color.

What is a Carpet Beetle?

Carpet BeetleAlthough Carpet Beetles are a common fabric pest, their role in nature is to feed on decomposing animals.  However, the larva of the Carpet Beetle is a major fabric pest.  Certain species can heavily damage wool clothing.  Other species will chew carpet fibers and furniture fabrics.  The larval stage can last up to 11 months before changing into an adult beetle.  Carpet Beetle adults generally feed on pollen and plant substances.  As an adult, they also have the ability to fly.

Any Carpet Beetle problem can be prevented with good cleaning practices.  Vacuuming pet hair from corners and carpet edges discourage Carpet Beetles.  Pest control applications also reduce adults around the house and stop them from laying eggs in the house.  Carpet Beetle issues are solved with thorough insecticide applications and removal of infested items.

Anyone struggling with a Carpet Beetle infestation should have a Pest Control professional help to eradicate the problem.  Call Essential today to get an inspection and start living pest free!

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