What Is a Liquid Termite Treatment?

What is a Liquid Termite Treatment

Tucson Termite Control

Termites are extremely destructive. It is because of this that having your home inspected for Termites yearly and having a preventative treatment every few years is so important.

What is a Liquid Termite treatment?

Liquid Termite treatments consist of a liquid chemical barrier applied around a structure to repel or kill Termites.

This Termite treatment method is suggested for homes that have standard concrete for exterior patios, no changes in grade, or one main slab.


Although there are a variety of liquid chemical termiticides to choose from, Essential chooses Premise. This particular termiticide has a transfer advantage. This means that when Termites create a tunnel through the barrier, the chemical material is taken back to the colony and transferred to the other Termites. This specific chemical is the least toxic termiticide on the market. Though we have chosen this product, customers can request the use of another liquid Termiticide.

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