What Termite Treatment is ideal for you?

Finding out your home is being invaded by termites is quite a disappointment for any homeowner.  The first question that comes to mind for most clients is, what do I do?  It is important to know your options when it comes to investing into a Termite Treatment.

First and foremost, the treatment you decide to use must suit the construction of your home, as well as your preference.  There are two types of treatments; a conventional liquid treatment or the use of a termite baiting system.

Treating Beneath Concrete

Treating Beneath Concrete

The conventional liquid treatment is treated by placing a chemical barrier around the building to repel or kills termites that come in contact with the liquid termiticides.  When termites begin to make their tunnels through the barrier, the chemical is taken back to the colony where other termites will be affected.  Another great thing about this treatment is that it is a long lasting residual in dry, heated environments like ours.

The second option to consider is a termite baiting system,  formally known as Sentricon.  This method was created to extinguish all of the termites attacking the structure.  Without the invasion of termites, the liquid treatment becomes unnecessary.  Sentricon reduces chemical usage, does not require drilling around the home, and is more effective than traditional liquid treatments.

sentricon2Sentricon is the most advanced baiting system on the market.  Bait stations containing the new Always Active Recuit HD bait material are placed around the structure.  When the  termites ingest the material within the bait system, it is brought back to the colony where in a short amount of time, the termites are eliminated.  The process is simple.  Bait stations are placed around the home and monitored regularly for maintenance and replacement of bait material.

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