What to Do When You See Bees

Stay Safe by Always Inspecting Your Property for Bees

Honeycomb removal

Bees Forming Honeycomb

As the weather begins to warm up and Summer approaches, Bees become more common and more frequent throughout our community.  It is important to understand a few basics with regard to keeping a watchful eye out for Bees in and around your property.  This is especially important with regard to a particular type of Bee known as the Africanized

Honey Bees. These Bees can be dangerous and can cause safety concerns for all involved.  Bees in Arizona can be aggressive and it is important to know what to look for around your property.


What to Do When You See Bees

For example, it is always a good idea for homeowners and even business owners to routinely check their property on a monthly basis.  A check of this nature would involve looking into eaves, cracks in walls, and beneath sheds.  You may also want to check all trees in and around your property.  If Bee activity is detected it is important to wait up to two days to see if they have established a hive in the area.

Bee Removal


Eliminate Bees From Your Property And Protect Those That You Love

If it is determined that the Bees have taken up residence on your property, call a professional to perform Bee removal services.  In the meantime, until a professional Bee removal company has arrived, keep children, elderly, and those with allergies away from Bees.  Bee extermination can help to eliminate Bees from your property and protect those that you love.  It is best not to take chances when it comes to Bees and to contact a professional exterminator as quickly as possible.

Uncertainty of How Bees May React

It is also important to note that certain species of Bees can be attracted to fragrance and perfume.  Dark colored clothing is also an attraction.  A variety of environmental factors can have an impact on the behavior of Bees.
If you are uncertain with regard to how Bees may react, it is always advised to contact a professional Bee removal company.  Always stay clear of Bee-infested areas to avoid injury and stings.  Contact Essential Pest Management today to learn more about Bee safety and what you can do to protect you and your loved ones from these potentially dangerous pests.

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